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PLUS: Pre-lab Unit System


Phytosanitary management of orchards, vineyards and nurseries is a too important goal to be completely delegated to third parties, or to be limited to the controls imposed by Law. Authorities check that all passages have been done within the constraints of compulsory tests. The ones who care for their company and want to mantain it profitable in a competitive environment usually are not satisfied with the minimal requirements.

IPADLAB introduces an innovative model, called PLUS, for the execution of a precise, fast and cheap diagnostics.





"Diagnosis" is obtained through "Analysis" starting from an "Extract". Usually (left panel), phytodiagnostics laboratories perform the entire process, comprising "Extraction" (1). In collaboration with a PLUS, instead (right panel), the partner executes the first phase, and transfers to IPADLAB the Extract. IPADLAB performs the Analysis (2) and sends the report of the Diagnosis. Transfer of the Extract takes place normally on solid supports, membranes on which the eventual plant pathogen gets inactivated, and can be sent according to absolute safety conditions. In addition, dispatch is fast, easy and cheap.



Setting up and management of a PLUS are easy and require minimal investments. When a customer sets up a PLUS. he/she becomes free to decide when and what to analyse and how to perform the analysis. Diagnosis costs are about halved.


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