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27 September 2010
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Today's market calls for greater security in crop production and quality. Agriculture is facing new challenges that can be met by maintaining and improving the quality of our agricultural production and not just focusing on costs reduction and improved efficiency.

The challenge of our times is excellence.

Due to globalization, crops are no longer confined within well-defined regional borders. As a result, large volumes of plant material are transported across different parts of the globe, increasing the risk of spreading pathogens.

Often observation of symptoms in the field is not sufficient to identify the presence of diseases, and current diagnostic methods for detecting them often come short of sensitivity or reliability.



Plant diseases are a serious damage to agriculture and economic consequences can be extremely harmful to the entire production chain. One thing that must be considered is that 15% of the production of food is destroyed every year, due to diseases of cultivated plants



The annual amount of unintentional damage caused by the introduction of new species of pests in cultivated areas is $ 100 billion worldwide, and represents an important part of production.
Source: “L’informatore Agrario”, 35/2010



The total annual cost for plant treatments in agricultural areas amounts to € 42 billion.
Source: website UIPP - Union des Industries de la Protection de la Plante, 2009



Health certification of plant material has become unavoidable, required by market and regulatory authorities, both domestically and for internationally.

cherryIPADLAB, as a completely independent private company , offers services to the customer in a neutral, secure and timely manner. When you need to be competitive we know very well the difference between a day before and a day after in delivering results!

Defense against plant diseases is expensive, risky and often ineffective. At risk is not only the production but also the maintenance and creation of propagation material. Starting material is the capital of farms and it is an investment which is supposed to give the best returns.

IPADLAB is an ally and an advisor of excellence that provides quality assurance and certification of this essential investment.


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