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IPADLAB is involved in the TERGEO project

Tergeo is a project initiated by Unione Italiana Vini to promote join efforts of vine and wine producers and the research community, with the aim of innovate and improve the quality of the whole production chain, with a particular focus on sustainability of vineyard care and wine production.

Contents of the project include all the steps of the production chain, from vineyard management to wine cellar management, from biodiversity protection to storage and distribution chain, just to cite a few examples.

In this general framework, IPADLAB promotes the project "PLUS: A DIAGNOSTIC NETWORK", aimed at improving the quality and the sustainability of vineyard management through the widespread diffusion of good phytosanitary control practices at the level of single companies or consortia.


The application form for the PLUS project is available on theTergeo web page. IPADLAB Staff is available for any relevant information.

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