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Who we are



IPADLAB originates from an entrepreneurial experience in services to agriculture and a long tradition of academic research in the field of plant protection. Ipadlab is the first Italian biotechnology company focused on services and products for molecular phytodiagnostics on a global scale and is based at Parco Tecnologico Padano of Lodi, the reference biotechnology incubator in the agro-food sector in Italy and Europe.

What IPADLAB offers:  

Services and products for the diagnosis of diseases of the plants with major economic impact in agriculture, by traditional techniques(eg. ELISA) or through the development of innovative methods based on molecular biology.


«It's a pleasure to introduce you to IPADLAB, a dynamic company fostering excellence in agriculture. The health of cultures is the only way today to remain competitive and to add value to your production. With our services, as quickly as you need, we can offer you the certainty of healthy and productive plant material, thus ensuring you about the quality of your investments»

- Camilo Gianinazzi, CEO -