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Piero Attilio Bianco - CSO
Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Milan - a member of the phytodiagnostic validation group of the Ministry of Agriculture, a member of the Italian Academy of Wine and Vine.



Camilo Gianinazzi – President and CEO
Degree in pathology and molecular biology - entrepreneur, founder and former CEO of Mybatec srl (innovative products for agriculture, special award Start Cup Piemonte 2007), researcher at San Raffaele and IFOM.



Paola Casati - R&D
PhD in plant biology - Researcher and lecturer in plant virology, coordinator of the research project of the Lombardy region on innovative diagnostic devices for life, winner of two National Research Council grants  for the improvement of health of crops.



Giuseppe Durante - Laboratory Manager

Graduated in Plant and Agro-food Biotechnology with a thesis about the molecular diagnosis and characterization of phytoplasmas associated with Flavescence dorée and Bois noir in grapevine. Basic and applied research activity for the development of innovative diagnostic assays for plant pathogens at the University of Milan, Plant Pathology Department, USDA (Beltsville-MD USA) and INRA (Dijon-Cedex, France). 



Elena Zacchi - Quality Manager

Graduated in Biological Sciences. Formerly scientist at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, and in the Department of Pharmacological Sciences at the University of Milan. Analyst at Medical Gamma (clinical analysis laboratory).


Sebastiano Piazza - Agronomist

Graduated in Agricultural Technology Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Catania. Plant thesis about phytopathology at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).